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Aug 27, 2011   95 Notes | Reblog

How to: Make your own cursor

There are different ways on creating your cursor. I’ll show some below.

  1. Realworld Cursor Editor
  2. Photoshop
  3. Paint

All image editor works the same thing.

Just save them as .PNG to have some transparent background.

.GIF or moving cursor does not unless you are using Internet Explorer.

  1. Realworld Cursor Editor - This is the one that I used to make cursor, it’s probably the best free cursor maker. Save the image as .PNG and change the file type to PNG. 
  2. Photoshop -  Probably best for advanced user.
  3. Paint - Use this to make a quick cursor such as words.

Once you saved your image, upload it to,, or any storage, you can use tumblr's.

Copy the link provided and paste the link below.

Use this code to make your cursor work.  Edit the bolded part.

<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(LINK HERE), auto }</style><a href=””>Free tumblr layouts</a> | <a href=””>Tumblr Cursors</a>

Paste the code above in your DESCRIPTION.



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